Sunday, June 28, 2009

Regaining Health on a Gluten Free Diet

When you find out you have celiac diease, it often opens a can of worms health-wise. You don't always know the effects that eating gluten has had.

My doctor told me the results of blood tests soon after being diagnosed with celiac disease and the results were not good. They showed I was anemic, extremely low on minerals and vitamins, most worryingly iron, B12 and D.

So after spending a small fortune on vitamin and mineral supplements did I feel any different? The answer is 'no' as I had been pretty asymtomatic eating gluten and didn't feel the tiredness that my mineral and vitamin levels indicated. Whether I felt tired or not, the fact was that my body needed nutrients.

Intestines damaged after years of eating gluten, take time to heal, and they won't suddenly be okay. In fact they are very sensitive and inflamed and not just as a result of eating gluten. That's when other intolerances and bad eating habits rear their ugly head. Many people with celiac disease also have diabetes, nightshade intolerance, lactose intolerance and so on. Some intolerances may go when the intestines heal, others are ongoing. As if avoiding gluten isn't enough!

Your stomach just may not like all this new gluten free food, mine didn't. The doctors advice? - just to avoid gluten and take vitamin and mineral supplements. There must be something else to help the healing process. What's the point of taking supplements that can't be absorbed?

That's when I stumbled on this article:

My order of Glutagenics is on it's way and it's not cheap but then when it comes to health it needs to take the priority.

After being malnourished for years and new to a gluten free diet you CRAVE calories, stodge, sweet foods, fat! It just might not be the best thing to eat! You might have detox reactions too, in my case I got teenage skin again and headaches. I also lost weight, not that I was over weight, but there is another myth. People with celiac disease are not always underweight. It makes sense that your metabolism would be slow due to being malnourished. Also the body being starved of nutrients effects the thyroid function. So there is now new connection emerging between celiac disease and obesity -

The best mineral supplements to take are high quality liquid forms, as they are most easily absorbed. Good brands will state on the label if they are gluten free.

Whether these supplements will be absorbed will be revealed in the next blood test, in 6 months time. So it will be interesting to see the results, as this will indicate that the healing has begun.

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