Monday, April 27, 2009

On a search for organic, nutritious gluten free flour

When I first had to start this gluten free diet I just bought everything gluten free that I could. In retrospect I wish I'd been a bit more discerning but really there wasn't much choice. Looking at all the flour I bought I saw it wasn't organic, and I always try and eat organic and not only that, it didn't contain much nutrition. After a few weeks of eating rice cakes I just had to try baking some gluten free bread, I could barely face another day eating them!

So after some research I discovered these flours that are not only gluten free but also nutritious and a good source of protein from which once sourcing I'll be coming up with some recipes:

Teff flour - this is one of the smallest grains and is grown in Ethiopia. It is rich in protein and nutrients and good for flat bread, cookies and pancakes.

Quinoa flour - good for complete protein and healthy oils and minerals and is good generally in baking when combined with other flours.

Coconut flour - high protein, nutritious and good fibre source. It has a similar consistancy to wheat and is really versatile.

Almond flour - another versatile flour for use in baking, high protein and nutritious. It's expensive although a cheaper way is to make it by blending blanched almonds carefully as too much blending will turn them into a nut butter.

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